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  • Elevate Your Self-Love Ritual with Gold Salt: The Ultimate Skin and Vibrational Support

    Introducing Gold Salt – a luxurious bathing experience like no other. Crafted with care and adorned with genuine 24 karat gold, this exquisite bath salt is your gateway to self-love and radiant skin. Alchemy No.1 is the world's only 24K gold bath salt that embodies pure indulgence and self-care.

    💛 Discover the Benefits of Gold:

    ✨ Anti-Aging Wonder: Gold has long been revered for its anti-aging properties, ensuring your skin remains youthful and vibrant.

    ✨ Blemish-Fading Magic: Bid farewell to blemishes as Gold Salt works its magic to fade imperfections, leaving you with flawless skin.

    ✨ Skin Brightening Elixir: Experience a radiant glow as the gold-infused salt brightens and revitalizes your skin's natural beauty.

    ✨ Vibrational Harmony: Gold resonates with the energies of prosperity, wealth, luxury, love, and happiness, infusing your self-love ritual with positive vibrations.

    Are you ready to immerse yourself in the opulence of Gold Salt and embrace a new level of self-love?

    But that's not all! Alchemy No. 1 comes in a beautifully handcrafted glass jar, featuring a real turquoise healing stone charm delicately wrapped in 24K gold. This keepsake is not just for your bath but can also be worn as a cherished reminder of your self-love journey.

    Our Gold Salt is meticulously crafted from a blend of Epsom salt, Grapefruit Essential Oil, enriched with real 24 karat edible gold, ensuring a truly luxurious bathing experience that pampers your skin and uplifts your spirit.

    Indulge in the ultimate expression and experience of self-love with Gold Salt – because you deserve nothing less than the extraordinary. 🛁✨

    Alchemy No.1 - Handcrafted 24 Karat Gold Bath Salt

    • appx 8 oz of  bath salt 

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