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Anna Belton

From My Heart products are hand crafted bath, body, beauty and wellness products. From My Heart products are made with organic, vegan, natural ingredients. 

All About Me

From My Heart Story


Beauty begins with the heart, travels through the soul and lands on the skin. From My Heart is a beauty and wellness brand committed to healthy living from the inside out. Founder, and Hand-Crafter Anna Belton started From My Heart in 2009 with the mission to encourage others to implement non-toxic, chemical free products in their skincare regimes as a form of self-love and mental wellness.


Anna founded From My Heart during a time when there weren’t many natural skincare lines on the market. With a focus on bringing harmony to the mind, body, and spirit, she began blending natural products in her kitchen. A part of mental health is connected to what goes into the body and as someone who battled with depression, it was important for Anna to ensure her skincare was organic and non-toxic. During her time as a Medical Assistant, she learned that the skin is the largest organ and absorbs 60%-70% of what’s applied to it—a hazardous statistic considering that skincare products are not FDA regulated and Greenwashing in the industry is growing.


Anna became dedicated to the process of creating a natural skincare line with the pure intention to mitigate these issues, raise consciousness and challenge the status quo, from this intention From My Heart was born.



The Mission


When you tap into your highest self, you are unstoppable, there’s truly nothing you can’t accomplish. From My Heart’s mission is to empower each customer to go after their destiny and build the confidence to display their unique beauty to the world. Growing self-esteem is a daily practice. The beauty and wellness line is created to become a part of your self-love ritual, so you can take control of your well-being.


Your wellness is the brand’s top priority and toxic chemicals can disrupt the body and spirit. From My Heart is committed to using only the safest and richest ingredients in the world.  The products are Natural, Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO and always free of Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Formaldehyde and Artificial Fragrance. From My Heart is good for the people and for the planet.


The Vision


From My Heart’s vision is a world more conscious of the impact environmental factors and daily habits have on the harmony between the mind, body and spirt. Each product is handcrafted with healing properties for nourishment and love of the whole body. When you love yourself, you vibrate high and invite the energy of love, power and the peace needed to live a full and healthy life.


A true beauty and wellness brand with a holistic focus, when you shop From My Heart your mind, body and spirit are in safe hands. From the coolness and anti-inflammatory properties of a Peppermint and Vanilla Infused Bath Bomb to the calming and detoxing benefits of a Lavender and Dead Sea Salt Body and Face Wash, the products were handcrafted with you in mind. So, treat yourself, shop the collection and discover the fullness of beauty and wellness. Join the community of healers and stay connected @frommyheartproducts.

Organic Botanical Bath Bomb.heic
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