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  • Sacred Beauty Alchemy, authored by Anna Belton, founder of From My Heart Beauty & Wellness and Creator of From My Heart Products, is a transformative guide. As an Aromatherapist and Alchemist, Anna provides practical tools within the book to alchemize self-care, elevate your vibration, manifest your desires, and deepen self-love. Explore the wisdom of maintaining spiritual hygiene and learn to use the elements for a holistic elevation of your life, mind, body, and spirit. With Anna's expertise, discover how to relax, manifest your desires, and actively create the life you aspire to through the alchemical journey outlined in Sacred Beauty Alchemy.


    Sacred Beauty Alchemy is your guide to transforming self-care into a powerful tool for elevating your vibration, manifesting your desires, and cultivating deep self-love. This book provides practical tools to enhance your life, mind, body, and spirit. Learn how to maintain and raise your vibration, explore the art of manifestation, deepen your spiritual hygiene, and utilize the elements to alchemize a life aligned with your truest desires. Elevate your well-being and embrace the journey of self-discovery through the transformative wisdom within these pages.



    Sacred Beauty Alchemy features enriching bath recipes, a personalized journal, and a unique Weekly Vibrational Support Journal. Immerse yourself in transformative self-care with practical bath rituals. Utilize the included journal to reflect on your journey and experiences. The Weekly Vibrational Support Journal empowers you to craft and alchemize your personalized plan using the book's tools, serving as a hands-on workbook that holds you accountable. Learn the art of creating and maintaining your vibe, ensuring you actively shape the life you desire. This book is more than a guide – it's a transformative companion on your self-care journey.

    Sacred Beauty Alchemy E Book

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