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Class Description: Join us for an immersive experience in the world of Sensual Alchemy. This class is designed to teach you the art of sensual massage, focusing on the benefits of using essential oils, herbs, and carrier oils to enhance blood circulation, ignite sensual energy, and promote healing through touch and sensuality.

Lead by Anna Certified Aromatherapist Anna and Licensed Massage Therapist Nicole. 


What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to Sensual Massage:
    • Understanding the philosophy and benefits of sensual massage.
    • Creating a serene and intimate environment for a massage.
  • Essential Oils and Herbs:
    • Exploring various essential oils and their properties.
    • Selecting the right herbs to complement the oils.
    • Creating customized blends for different moods and needs.
  • Carrier Oils:
    • Choosing the best carrier oils for massage.
    • Learning about the properties and benefits of popular carrier oils.
  • Crafting Your Sensual Massage Oil:
    • Step-by-step guide to making your own sensual massage oil.
    • Proper ratios and blending techniques.
  • Techniques of Sensual Massage:
    • Learning basic and advanced massage techniques.
    • Focusing on different parts of the body to maximize pleasure and relaxation.
    • Using touch to increase blood circulation and sensual energy.
  • Healing Through Sensuality:
    • Understanding the connection between touch, sensuality, and healing.
    • Techniques to create a deep sense of intimacy and connection.

The Art of Sensual Massage & Aromatherapy with LMT Nicole 7.7.24 7pm-9pm

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