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Keeping the vibe high for life

It's been a while since we've tapped into our Tuesday affirmations. I've been immersed in the throes of life, undergoing transformation, experiencing growth, and navigating all the challenges that accompany them. Although it's been demanding, it's exactly what I've been seeking. When we take the time to introspect and release the things that no longer serve us, we must be prepared for the ensuing transformation. It's a process that can be both beautiful and, at times, terrifying. I'm learning to embrace the terrifying moments just as much as the beautiful ones.

During this period, I've continued to connect with my sacred beauty alchemy. Long, hot baths with our 24k gold salt have been a potent tool for maintaining my frequency high amidst these trials. I've also been indulging in plenty of divinity water, our homemade Florida water, and listening to high-frequency music such as solfeggio frequencies. Additionally, I've been immersing myself in positive messages, affirmations, and journaling.

Through this journey, I've learned a valuable lesson in solitude. I've discovered that one of the secrets to living a fulfilling life is to maintain a high vibration, regardless of what life throws at you. No matter what challenges arise, keeping a high vibration enables you to continue receiving blessings, manifesting your goals, and opening doors—even in the midst of a storm. On your toughest days, remind yourself that "this too shall pass" and reach into your alchemy bag to raise your frequency. While big waves may come crashing down, we must hold tightly to our surfboards. If we get knocked off, that's okay—just get back on and keep surfing!

I can assure you that you've survived everything that has ever tried to knock you down. How do I know? Because you're still here, reading this! So, today's affirmation is simple yet powerful: "I'm powerful." Because you are, and your presence here is proof of that!

If you're in need of extra support and would like a personalized guide on how to maintain your vibe high, please don't hesitate to book a consultation with me.

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