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Rejuvenating the Soul: The Birth and Growth of Sunday Spa Day

In August of 2020, right in the midst of the pandemic, I found myself in quite a challenging situation. As a dedicated mother, I was breastfeeding my 10-month-old daughter and constantly tending to my high-energy 9-year-old son. The demands of full-time motherhood had me feeling overwhelmed, and I couldn't shake the nagging sensation of being somewhat neglected. The stress, anxiety, and even bouts of depression began to take a noticeable toll on my well-being, and the fact that there were few opportunities to escape the confines of our home only compounded these feelings.

Then, one day, it reached a breaking point. I had an epiphany – I needed a change. It was time to prioritize self-care and carve out some precious moments just for myself. And so, the concept of "Sunday Spa Day" was conceived. With unwavering determination, I made a promise to myself that every Sunday, without exception, would be my dedicated spa day.

But instead of heading to a traditional spa, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Drawing from my extensive decade-long experience crafting body products through my business, "From My Heart," I began crafting my own spa treatments at home using simple ingredients from the kitchen. This marked the beginning of a journey to nourish not only my physical body but also tend to my mental health and overall well-being.

I fully embraced this newfound ritual and began sharing it with others, particularly fellow mothers and women who could relate to my circumstances. Every Sunday, my Instagram became a hub of self-care inspiration, with me creating spa treatment recipes and engaging with my followers. A community of self-care enthusiasts quickly formed, all eager to join me in pampering themselves.

As time went on, my influence expanded, and I took my teachings to other platforms. The concept of Sunday Spa Day became a wellspring of inspiration for women across the globe. When the pandemic finally subsided, I decided it was time to move beyond the virtual realm. In 2021, I organized the very first Sunday Spa Day event, bringing women together to experience self-care in person. The event was a resounding success, and it was then that I realized I was onto something truly special.

From there, I continued hosting events, workshops, and private parties throughout New York and Connecticut, spreading the Sunday Spa Day experience and its vital message of self-care and self-love. I didn't stop there, though. I introduced "Blaze and Create," a unique spin on Sunday Spa Day that incorporated cannabis-infused oils for medicinal healing and pain relief, all while highlighting the power of aromatherapy and essential oils.

This journey has been transformative, not only for me but for countless women who have discovered solace, healing, and a sense of community through Sunday Spa Day and Blaze and Create. I've empowered women to prioritize their well-being and create beautiful, memorable moments of self-care and healing in their lives.

Throughout my incredible journey of crafting Sunday Spa Day, I've had the privilege of forging countless remarkable friendships and bonds with women from every corner of this country and across the globe, some that I even call sisters. It's been nothing short of inspiring to witness a vibrant community of women who share a dedication not only to self-care but also to nurturing their mental health, emotional well-being, and personal growth.

Our collective focus has been on shining brightly, embracing our unique gifts, and serving as beacons of inspiration for one another. This journey has unfolded into something truly beautiful, but it's important to remember that it's only the beginning.

As I look ahead to the future, my heart is filled with excitement and anticipation. I can't wait to see what lies in store for Sunday Spa Day, for Blaze and Create, and for From My Heart. The possibilities are endless, and I'm eager to continue spreading the message of self-care, self-love, and empowerment to even more incredible women around the world. Together, we'll create a brighter, more fulfilling future.

I want to ensure that we don't forget to acknowledge the incredible men who have joined us on this self-care journey throughout the years. It's crucial to recognize that self-care and self-love are universal needs, not limited by gender. Men, too, deserve the opportunity to prioritize their well-being and personal growth.

To all the men who have chosen to embark on this journey with us, I want to say, "I see you, I thank you, and I am truly inspired by your commitment." Your presence and dedication have enriched our community and strengthened the bonds of support and encouragement that make our journey so special.

Together, as a collective of women and men, we're creating a brighter, more balanced world where self-care and self-love are cherished by all. Your involvement is a testament to the power of these ideals, and I'm excited to continue this journey of growth and empowerment with each and every one of you.


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