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Sunday Spa Day Just Vibrated a Little Higher

This Season we added some dope Queens to Sunday Spa Day to bring us more self love and healing. We'll kick it off on Instagram Live 10/10 with a pomegranate mask and scrub, plus facial massage & Gua Sha with @glowbyaisa. Then 10/24 persimmon mask and a Self Care & mental health talk with @shwannaloyd and 11/7 a passion fruit scrub & sound bowl healing with @nilaellisonwellnes. This season is all about the level up and vibrating higher. Self care has so many levels and its up to us to build on them step by step.

You don't want to miss this season of Sunday Spa Day. Make sure you are following @naturallyanna on Instagram and set your notifications so that you can join in on the healing and fun!

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Jessica St. Louis
Jessica St. Louis
Sep 30, 2021

I’m excited about this new season of Sunday spa day!! ❤️

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