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Who knew that you could find healing on Instagram!

Who knew that you could find healing on Instagram? Pt 1

A little back story. After having a new baby and surviving during the pandemic I was depleted physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. I needed deep healing and I knew in order for me to get the healing I needed, I was going to have to make some changes to my diet and get more spiritually in-tuned. The universe heard my call and aligned in what seemed to be the most unlikely place to find healing. I was scrolling on Instagram like any other day but this particular day magic was all on the gram. I clicked on celebrity Chef Lauren Von Der Pool aka @queenofgreen live who I had been following for a while. Lauren is a ray of sunshine, she exudes confidence, grace and spice. I love the beautiful vegan dishes and inspirational content that she posts that encourages a healthy vegan lifestyle that benefits the body, mind and spirit . Lauren is a plant based healing food artist, culinary reiki master, best selling author, public speaker, creative, and vegan chef to some of our favorite celebrities' and athletes like Venus and Serena Williams, Pattie La Bell, Common and many more.

I clicked on Lauren’s live as she was speaking about her Eat Yourself Sexy Journey that was going to start the next day. She explained that the Eat Yourself Sexy Journey is a 21 day vegan detox with benefits for the body, mind and spirit. She spoke of how healing and detoxifying the Journey was on a cellular level and how it will improve your overall mental and physical health. I was all ears. The first week of the journey you eat 80% raw foods and 20% cooked foods, the second week of the journey consisted of eating only raw foods and the last week you only consumed liquids. In addition to the plant based diet the journey has live classes held by some dope instructors that inspire and assist your healing journey. There is a astrological forecast once a week which is always a vibe, a herbal medicine class that teaches you how to heal your body with herbs, a class on bringing your dreams into reality led by The Queen of Green herself. There are vegan cooking classes, fitness classes, a class on the benefits of sea moss and more. While on the journey Lauren gives you a list of books to read that are inspiring and transformative. To top all of this off there is an amazing tribe of people that you get to connect to who are also on the journey. This was the healing and tribe that I needed and that I was looking for. Talk about alignment. During the live The Queen of Green asked if anyone would like to be sponsored to join the journey, so I went for it and typed "me" with a the little waving hand emoji and I was chosen right away to be sponsored by a woman who had been on the journey for a while and she also offered to be my accountability partner while on the journey. That’s another dope thing about the journey, the accountability partners! During the first live of the @eatyourselfsexyjourney @thequeenofgreen gives everyone the opportunity to choose an accountability partner to support one another during the 21 day detox. So, I had my spot on the journey and with an accountability partner. I was ready to go. I was emailed a copy of Lauren's book Eat Your Sexy Book with all the tools I needed and I was ready to begin my healing Journey.

Looking back I had no idea how the journey would impact and improve my life forever. It gave me the tools I needed to begin the process of releasing old trauma that no longer served me, healing my body on a cellular level, rebuilding my confidence, manifesting the life I want, raising my vibration and loving me more each day. It also improved how I handcraft From My Heart Products.

It's an overall life changing experience and it all happened on Instagram. The journey pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in ways that have opened my consciousness to crave healing and enlightenment, and I will never be the same. I'm so grateful for this experience and I encourage everyone to at least join the Eat Yourself Sexy Journey once. I guarantee it will not disappoint. This was just the beginning. There is so much more to this story that I have to make part two. Make sure you follow @queenofgreen on Instagram and visit her website and stay tuned for part two!

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